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Postby New Glock 19 » Fri, 2009-11-13 09:43

Hi Guys I am new to this sort of thing.

I bought a brand new Glock 19. I handed in my new firearm license and competency application forms about 4 months ago at kempton park firearms department. After a hell of a lot of phone calls and complaints i have gotten my license and competency papers to the CFR. I think that isn't to bad considering that its been 4 months. and in that time they have moved and my papers have gone missing!

I would like to know is there any training facility in and around the west rand area that i can go to , to take a course in concealed carry and self def techniques?


Thanks for a great site
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New Glock 19
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Training Institution

Postby Vektor » Fri, 2009-11-13 20:24

Visit International Firearm Training Academy,31 Voortrekker Rd.,Mindalore.

Owner is Andrè Pretoruis,they are the pros.
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Postby Martin_tu » Sat, 2009-11-14 13:05

@ New Glock 19.

If you're using Kempton Park Firearm Centre, (who's Senior DFO is Supt Skosana BTW, we know her personally), have you perhaps moved to the West Rand now? I ask because there's a very competent trainer in Kempton; Barend (Bennie) van der Valt of SSWATT -Security Special Weapons And Tactical Training , 072 535 0320. (He's in Birchleigh, practical is done in Modderfontein) you can also get Firefighting and First Aid training there too. He's fully accredited with the new SASSETA/ SAQA qualifications, (Bennie is ex task force). Plus you might like to acquire a few security grade qualifications, handy assets these days given the ever-changing disposition of SAPS towards 'Civilians' with firearms.

You also get a free copy of our own book 'Conditioned Victim? Your Choice!' which will permanently add to your knowledge base regarding self-defence tactics, techniques and tips to reduce yours and your families chances of succumbing to a violent confrontation. The book was compiled with the assistance of two UNISA Criminological Psychologists, Herman Conradie and Coen Marais, the author is Dr Richard Wesson, himself a SASSETA-accredited firearm trainer and ex British Army VIP-protection instructor.

Go safely,



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Postby wrm » Wed, 2009-11-25 15:41

OK, since the last update I've been phoning CFR once a week, on average.

For the past three/four weeks, the stuff has been ready for the committee, but the committee wasn't ready for the stuff.

They finally sat early this week, and all 22 licences were approved. Yay! and all.

Apparently the printing machine at Provincial broke, they're printing all licences in Pretoria and shipping them down. Three more weeks to wait.

August 2008 - November / December 2009. 15, 16 months. Things are improving at CFR.
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Postby GJV » Thu, 2009-11-26 20:33

Excellent - well done!

It took around 1 month or more for my cards to be printed and delivered to my local station. Frustrating wait, but at least you know that there is no 'discretion' left on the part of SAPS.

Hope it goes sooner for you.
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Postby wrm » Fri, 2010-01-15 12:11

Eventually collected my licences on 2009-12-18, after making a nuisance of myself.

One licence was printed twice, one wasn't printed at all. And my 300 Savage is apparently a "30 Remington".

I hear from others that they have 30 Remington Weatherby's and the like.

Meanwhile I've applied for a licence for a silhouette revolver (Freedom Arms), let's see how that goes :-)
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Postby Bear » Tue, 2011-04-19 19:15

Did not stop with the last lot. Got 5 more license today 19-04-2011 for applications I handed in on 19 May 2009!!! Seems that all semi-automatic firearms now automatically get stuck in the "Review Board", so - I am waiting for 3 more.
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