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From the National Shooting Association

Dear Member,

It has come to our attention that in Limpopo Province SAPS are taking people to court because they handed in their renewal applications late – thus later than the cut-off date that was awarded each of the four year groups.

At the same time SAPS in Limpopo are telling these people to pay an admission of guilt fine and that they will then not take them to court.

In terms of the verdict in the SA Hunters case, Judge Prinsloo stated that there was adequate prima faci evidence that the transitional arrangements in the Firearms Control Act could be unconstitutional and that people can be criminalised unnecessarily. He then ruled that all green licences issued in terms of the 1969 Act would remain valid until such time as the main court case of SA Hunters had been dealt with. That has not yet happened !!

Thus people cannot be taken to court for so-called late application for renewals because the green licences they possess are still valid and the transitional arrangements in terms of which they had to renew their licences have been put on hold by Judge Prinsloo as stated above. People can thus not be taken to court on any issue pertaining the transitional period if they had participated in the stipulations of the Act (i.e. submitted a renewal application).

We advise that members must under no circumstance pay an admission of guilt fine as this will surely reflect on your record and will have a negative effect on the issuing of your further competency certificate.

If for whatever reason you come to be in such a situation, you must please not hesitate to contact this office via email ( admin@natshoot.co.za - the office is closed from 13 December but we shall be reading email because of the competition shoot). Also contact the association’s lawyer, Mr Juan Kotzé at 011 892 1018 or at the.rescue.shop@ezweb.co.za immediately so that you can be advised correctly and in a legal manner which will not have a negative impact on your legal possession of firearms.

Central Firearms Registry

It was widely reported that Brig Bothma had been transferred to another station and is not in charge of the CFR since last week. This seems to have been changed by the SAPS and Brig Bothma is reportedly still in charge of the CFR. We shall keep members updated on changes in this situation.

Competency certificates

SAPS will implement the 2007 amendments to the Act as soon as possible in 2011. This will be done with exclusion of amendments in the Amendment Act (28 of 2006) regarding muzzle-loaders as there are certain legal challenges relating to muzzle-loaders which need to be addressed through a further amendment to the Act rather than through the Regulations.

The new Regulations will be circulated for public comment before implementation. NSA will comment as always. Members will be informed of our comments as this will be posted on the website as a Newsletter when the process has been finalised (hopefully early 2011).

In this manner the amendment relating to the whole process of renewal of competency certificates is to receive priority and the Minister will shortly be issuing a press release in this regard (supposed to have been this past week but possibly now only next week).


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